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Simply The Best Draw & Iron Can-Making Equipment

Pride Engineering supplies two-piece can-makers with high quality equipment and specialty machine components. And we’ve been doing it for over 30 years. A key part of the beverage can manufacturing process, and world renowned for our domers, tool packs, die grinders and domer monitoring systems, we ensure your production line and two-piece can-making equipment stay up and running efficiently and profitably.

Bottom Formers / Domers
Nothing’s more frustrating than losing money every time the bodymaker goes down. Pride Engineering domers are low maintenance and provide consistent panel depth, making sure your production line and two-piece can-making equipment stays in full operation, saving you time, money and headaches in the process.

Floating Tool Packs
Simply put, our floating tool packs help you make better cans. Designed with the flexibility of air bearings, Pride Engineering tool packs allow the ram to operate with a more random path throughout the process, relieving stress on the can, increasing tool and parts life, and providing fewer problems with tear-offs.

Air Bearing Die Grinder
When compared to mechanical bearings, air bearings help the Pride grinder form dies with better accuracy. The more accurate the grinder rounds the dies, the longer the die can stay in the bodymaker, which means you experience less regrinding, less downtime and higher quality cans.

Guardian Bodymaker Overtravel Monitoring System
Monitoring overtravel is a challenge. What’s worse? Costly machine damage and downtime resulting from high or low overtravel. Pride Engineering’s Guardian bodymaker monitoring system alerts the operator for high or low overtravel to minimize major breakdowns, increase production and make monitoring overtravel easy.

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